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Do Anything you want... but not Everything!

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

The subject of multitasking has been written about, blogged about and talked about by many many people, probably hundreds of times. Amiright?! So I’m not going to write yet another blog on why multitasking is not awesome. If you have not heard about its lack of awesomeness, then here is a good article that highlights the reasons. Click --> here <--

Basically it says that doing more than one thing at a time has the opposite effect that you’d think it has, and you’re probably not as good at it as you think you are.

So why am I even bringing it up?

Because as I was having the internal battle about which of my businesses to focus on day to day, I struggled to be productive. I struggled to know where to put my energy. I struggled to know if today was the day I focused on the coaching biz, or was today the day I create a FB or Insta post about getting rid of wrinkles or promoting great wine? And even when I did choose a day to focus on one thing, there was constant ‘scope creep’ from the other two!

Just like people do when they’re ‘multitasking,’ but on what seemed like a much larger scale. I was making tiny progress with each of my business endeavors, but none of that progress was significant enough to move the needle. At least not in the way it had the potential to do, if I narrowed down my focus to just one.

And it turns out, it was not a healthy way to live. I had constant anxiety (if anyone saw my Facebook Live meltdown in September, you saw that come out in front of an audience - 😳). And more often than I’d like to admit, I was paralyzed with indecision… i.e. instead of choosing one thing, I’d choose none and distract myself with anything but what needed to be done, even if that meant doing chores or running errands, or watching a TV show - just to escape having to make a decision.

Plus, I was scared to choose.

I felt that if I chose just one, and stopped promoting or focusing on the others, I was going miss potential ‘easy’ income, but also letting friends and mentors down too - something I detest - I hate disappointing people who put time and energy into me to help me succeed; I don’t want them to think they wasted their time! In my mind these ladies had come to rely on me, either as a team member, mentor or supplier of products. I didn’t want to disappoint anyone or appear to be selfish.

I’m still not sure that I didn’t... or won’t disappoint people, but I have a choice - to choose my dreams and pursue them or chase after someone else’s dreams. I believe, now more than ever, that owe it to myself to chase my own! And so do you!

If you’re chasing someone else’s dreams (for you or for them), you may put a lot of energy into it at first, but that energy and fire will burn out and you’ll be left wondering why you’re doing this thing. Are you doing it because it’s what you want? Or what you think you want because someone else wants it for you? Knowing the difference can be difficult, but don’t stop asking yourself that question as you move forward. One day you’ll know; you’ll feel it. You may feel it before your brain registers it, and you may not be able to explain to others or even yourself. But you’ll know.

I know now. I’m not sure I could tell you when and how it happened. But one day, I realized it was already happening. I had made the choice to focus only on my coaching. I’m not sure it was completely a cognitive decision. Maybe my subconscious knew and guided my own actions and decision. Even now, I’m a little mystified, but grateful. I feel relief. I feel at peace and for the first time in a long time, and I’m excited for the things to come! I’m ready!

P.S. I’m still a consultant for both of the ‘other’ businesses… I still love and consume the products, and I may refocus on them from time to time... but for now it's coaching! And If you’re interested in either Scout & Cellar clean-crafted wine or Rodan + Fields skin care products, you can click here on their links - I can still hook you up! 😉

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