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You are the center of everything!

This headline is not meant to boost your ego, but to remind you that if your body doesn't work well, you don't work well. If you don't put yourself first, everything else will suffer.  


i.e. Your relationships, your mental health, your job... you get the idea.

But when you put you first in terms of health, everything else has a higher probability of succeeding as you'll start having more energy, clarity, and the physical fortitude to conquer and solve the issues of the day, week, month, and year.

Jeralyn can help you!

As a certified health coach, Jeralyn is trained to actively listen to your hopes and dreams for your future self. Her role will be to help you discover, clarify, and align what you want to achieve within your current lifestyle. As your coach, she partners with you to clearly define your destination and help you to navigate the path to get there. 

Health coaches are not unlike a sports coach. If you've ever been on a team and had a coach, you'll know that the coach cannot play the game for you, that's up to you. They can give you pointers, encouragement, and help you get better at your sport by challenging you with actions and pushing you to move past obstacles. Ultimately winning the game is up to the work that you put into it.


The same goes for you and your health coach. Except that as your health coach, Jeralyn won't yell at you, put you down, or tell you exactly what to do. She'll help you design the plays, encourage you to take charge, and believe in your ability to succeed, no matter what obstacles come up.

Will Coaching Work for You?


If you’re like many people, you have the feeling that if you knew how, you'd be able to lose those extra unwanted pounds, feel more vibrant, have more energy and feel amazing... at least most of the time.

What if you knew you could do any of those things... or all of them!? With you in the driver's seat and The Good Health Coach as your navigator, you can accomplish whatever you choose... fitting into those favorite pair of jeans at the back of the closet, to quit smoking once and for all, or learning how to better manage stress. Or maybe you just want to have a more balanced life where you can have (and eat) the cake without guilt or shame.


If you are struggling with either the whatthe how or both, integrative health coaching is a proven process that focuses on what is important to you, why it’s important and how you can take actual steps towards the changes you want to make so that you can live your best life ASAP.
When you work with Jeralyn, you're gaining a partner, as you'll work together to clarify your vision, assess your starting point, set goals, prepare for action, and then... you'll have the opportunity to live that change one day at a time.

Moving toward long-lasting behavior change starts with small, manageable steps. This helps you build and sustain momentum through the process so that the changes you are making will have long-lasting effects on your life.  

What Can You Expect?

Vision & Value

This is where you'll work to flush out what is important to you in your life and create a vision of where you want to be in the future.

Goal Setting

This where you''ll use your life situation and future vision to create a realistic goal that is important to you.

Try It On

Once your goal is set, you get to 'try it on' with action steps that fit into your life. You also get to adjust as needed if something doesn't work.


As we move through the coaching relationship, you may need to adjust actions, or even adjust your goal, but you'll always have your coach to guide you along the way.

What Can You NOT Expect?


You will not be told exactly what to do.


You will not be coached based on someone else's idea of what your health should be.


You will not be alone in the process.


You will not be told exactly what your goals should be.


You will not be given a 'cookie-cutter' approach to health. 


You will not be judged, for your past, your present or for your path.

Email Jeralyn for general questions about coaching!

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