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Is Health Coaching for you?


If you’re like many people, you have the feeling that if you knew how, you'd be able to lose those extra unwanted pounds, feel more vibrant, have more energy and feel amazing... at least most of the time! What if I told you I could help with any of those things... or all of them! With you in the driver's seat and me as your navigator, we can accomplish your dream of fitting into those favorite pair of jeans at the back of the closet that you've not been able to wear... or going back to your high school reunion looking better than ever... or just feeling your absolute best, because YOU want to!

If you are struggling with either 'the what' or 'the how,' or both, integrative health coaching is a proven process that focuses on you to determine what is important to you, why it’s important and how you can take actual steps towards the changes you want make so that you can live your best life!


When you work with me, you're gaining a parter, as we'll work together to clarify your vision, assess your starting point, set goals, prepare for action, and then... you'll have the opportunity to live that change one day at a time.


Moving toward long-lasting behavior change starts with small, manageable steps, helping you build and sustain momentum through the process so that the changes you are making will have long lasting effects for your life.  

The Good Health Method

The recipe
1 cup Discovery
1 cup Goal Digging
1 cup Action Plan
and a hand-full of accountability
Mix it all up, taste as you go, and adjust as needed until you find the perfect balance of flavors for success!
Nutritional info
*weight loss
*increased energy
*reduced stress
*improved relationships
*confidence boost
*smoking secession
The list above is not comprehensive and each individual's results will vary based on goals chosen and individual.
The coach
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What Can You Expect?

Vision & Value

This is where we'll work to flush out what is important to you in your life and create a vision of where you want to be in the future.

goal setting

This where we'll use your life and vision to create a realistic goal that is important to you.

try it on

Once your goal is set, you get to 'try it on' with action steps that fit into your life.


As we move through the coaching relationship, you may need to adjust actions, or even adjust your goal, but you'll always have your coach to guide you along the way.

What You Can NOT Expect?

You will not be told exactly what to do.


You will not be coached based on someone else's idea of what your health should be.


You will not be alone in the process.


You will not be told exactly what your goals should be.


You will not be given a 'cookie-cutter' approach to health. 


You will not be judged in anyway, for your past, your present or your new path.